This morning we fished the Middle Provo near River Road with marginal success. The wind was howling and the rain was falling, but we still managed to catch a few fish with nymphs. In super windy conditions I suggest fishing an overweighted nymph rig (a little extra split shot), and an extra buoyant strike indicator, like a thing-a-ma-bober. The heavy split shot will help keep your flies down even if the wind is constantly pulling your fly line out of place, and the indicator will suspend your flies and take much of the beating delivered by the wind. To increase drift efficiency in the wind, lower your rod tip and allow more fly line to sit on the water’s surface. By taking the line out of the wind’s path there is a greater probability of your rig staying in the seams you are targeting. This requires more mending, but it will help you achieve drag free drifts despite the wind.

After a challenging morning we decided to fish the Lower Provo, with hopes of escaping some of the passing storm. It payed off and the weather cooperated for us. We fished hard all afternoon, hooking an occasional fish, and enjoying the warmer temps. Fish were hitting small mayfly nymphs fished deep. Around four there was a strong hatch of small PMDs (size 18 and 20), but we only saw a couple of fish rise to take them.

Overall, the fishing was fair today on both the Middle and the Lower Provo. The passing storm had a strong effect on the fish, and our ability to catch them. Good job to our clients today for catching fish and enjoying the day for what it was. At Utah Pro Fly Fishing we always strive to provide the best fly fishing experience regardless of the conditions presented. And like always, we guarantee you will catch fish, or your trip is on us!

Flies that worked today:

Rainbow Sow Bug (size 18)
Iron Lotus PMD
Dragon Warrior

Flow’s today were: 555 cfs

Today we spent the entire day on the Lower Provo. We began by fishing the upper reaches just a few miles below Deer Creek Reservoir. From 8:30 a.m. until 9:30 was slow, but as the river warmed up, along with the day, so did the fishing. Sow bugs worked well in slow water, and PMD nymphs and green caddis larva caught fish in faster water. At 1:00 we headed down stream below the Olmstead Diversion to fish the pocket water near Bridal Veil Falls. This stretch of river is swift with a much steeper gradient than upstream. There is some great pocket water in this stretch, but it is slightly difficult to fish like all good pocket water. Flies must sink quickly and the water seams and pockets must be located in order to find fish. We European nymphed through this stretch until around 5:00. Fish were bitting all afternoon. We were able to experience two different stretched of the Lower Provo which are very different types of water. It proved to be another successful day on the Lower Provo. We would love to accompany you on your next fly fishing trip in Utah. Our professional guides would love to show you around!

Flies that caught fish today:

Upper Lower Provo near Deer Creek

Rainbow Sow Bug (size 18)
Iron Lotus PMD (sizes 16 and 18)
Green Rock Worm (size 18)

Below the Olmstead Dam

Two-toned Surveyor
Iron Lotus PMD

Today’s Flows were: 590 cfs

During the majority of the year on the Lower Provo it is difficult to match the preferred food source of trout on any given day. However, as of lately this guessing game has become significantly easier. The PMD nymphs that reside here are super active right now and fish are keying in on them heavily. From early in the morning until late in the afternoon fish can be caught on PMD nymphs. Catching fish on the Lower Provo simply requires PMD nymphs drifted drag-free at the right depth; the fish take care of the rest.¬†Once the hatch is in full swing, sometime in the afternoon between 2:00 and 4:00, trout are hammering PMD adults on the water’s surface. Even the large hard to catch trout are feeding aggressively on adults during the hatch. This truly is a great time of year to book a guided Utah fly fishing trip on the Lower Provo. Fishing is remarkable!

Flies that worked today:

Splitcase PMD Emerger
Iron Lotus PMD
Any fly that resembles a PMD sizes 16-18

Today’s flows were: 640 cfs

The weather is now really starting to warm up with today and the next two days anticipated to reach the upper 80′s low90′s. However, after getting out this morning it is apparent that the fly fishing on the Middle Provo is not as hot… yet. All four of our¬†clients fished the Middle today and had success.

The flies that worked today were:

Splitcase PMD emergers
Green Rock Worms
Green Caddis Larva
midge emergers

The water-temp today was: 50 degrees
The Flows were: 490 cfs

There were very few adults insects out today. We saw a few little sally stoneflies buzzing around, but hatches were very sparse. We checked out a seine sample and found cased caddis and mature PMD nymphs to be dominant. We also saw a few green drake nymphs that were large, dark, and will soon be hatching. With word buzzing around that the middle Provo green drakes are starting to hatch, the river is getting more attention, but those looking for the large mayflies above the River Road Bridge were disappointed today. The grape-vine says they are hatching in the Charleston area, but we have yet to confirm the rumors. It is getting that time of year where PMD’s and green drakes abound from morning to late afternoon, and caddis take over the evenings. Golden stone hatches will follow in the coming weeks, and the summer will be rolling. We are hoping that flows stabilize and drop some soon in preparation for our major summer-time hatches.

Good luck on your next trout fishing Utah adventure!

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