Similar to fishing the lower Provo, success is fair on the middle Provo as well. The river is getting a little more fishing pressure each day, and air temps are looking promising which should increase water temps and fishing success. Flows are also starting to increase with each passing week. Higher flows typically result in fish moving to soft edges and seems that are fishable even when there is too much water to wade. A go-to fly pattern during high flows on most rivers is the San Juan Worm. This proved true today since that was the only pattern that produces any strikes. As fish accustom themselves with the increasing flows, success while fly fishing the middle Provo will improve, it always does!

The fly that worked today was:

San Juan Worm

Today’s flows were: 337 cfs

We are still waiting for things to pick up here. The weather is still up and down, and so is the fishing on the lower Provo. Today our clients fished well with very minimal success. We tried various midge, mayfly, and caddis nymphs and nothing seemed to turn on the fish. We are still between hatches here and we are still awaiting the PMD’s and caddis hatches that will accompany warmer consistent weather. Underwater bug action will increase any day now and that will certainly increase the success of trout fishing in Utah.

Today’s flows were: 405 cfs

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Fishing on the Weber River is really starting to pick up. Fish are holding in all the usual places, seams, runs, pools, and everywhere that appears fishy. Large caddis swarms appeared in the early afternoon today, and although dry flies weren’t producing well, subsurface caddis larva and pupa patterns worked well. The flows still haven’t increased so the river is easy to wade and fish between Echo and Rockport reservoirs. Trout are willing to take a large variety of nymphs if presented properly.

Flies that worked today include:

Graphic Caddis
Cased Caddis
Pheasant Tail
Sow Bug

Today’s flows released from Rockport Reservoir were: 70 cfs

Flows have started to increase below Echo and the river is becoming harder to fish, so stay above Echo reservoir on your next Utah fly fishing adventure.

Utah Flyfishing on the lower Provo is currently fishing fair, mostly due to the changing weather patterns that can’t decide whether to warm things up or keep them cool. BWO hatches are tapering off, and other hatches are awaiting warmer days. Fish are feeding primarily on small midges larva with an occasional tiny mayfly nymph in the mix. The only visible adult mayflies were small BWO spinners and we only spotted a few (pictured here). Utah fly fishing guides have had success fishing all water types, but soft seams are still holding the most fish.

Flies that worked today include:

Zebra Midge
Golden Midge

Today’s Flows were: ~ 800 cfs

Trout fishing in Utah is about to heat up, don’t miss out!

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