(Jenn & I smiling at a beautiful Green Drake!)

The Green Drakes are starting to really come off around 11am, so grab your fly fishing stick and get out there! The most productive way to catch fish was to use a Dry Fly Rig and trailing an emerger about 24 inches below your Dry.  Another great time to catch fish is from 6-8pm.  Good luck and hope to see you on the water!

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Flies that worked today:

*CDC FLAVILINEA DUN:       Size 10


Today’s flows On the Middle Provo were: 462 cfs

The green drake hatch is in full swing on the middle Provo. These bugs are huge, easy to imitate, and are making all the fish in the river go crazy! Fish started taking adult drakes last week, and continue to do so now. The hatch is strong from Charleston up past Midway, and maybe now even all the way to River Road, although I haven’t fished up there since Saturday and there were no drakes hatching then. Hatches have been strongest from 11:00 am until about 2:00 when they then start to taper off. Green drakes offer such a huge food source for these fish that they are willing to take nymphs in the morning before the hatch, adults, cripples (emergers), and nymphs during the hatch, and nymphs again after it has tapered off, with an occasional fish still looking up and hammering dries into the evening. There is nothing like fishing large flies to large fish, and for the next short while it will continue!

Flies that caught fish:

Green Drake Epoxyback Emerger
Quigley Cripple Green Drake
Extended Body Green Drakes
Splitback Green Drake Emerger
Green Chunk (Green drake nymph)
Two-toned Surveyor

Today’s Flows were: 480 cfs

Right now is the best time of year to fish the middle Provo, and the guides at Utah Pro Fly Fishing are ready to take you to the fish! Book your trip soon before the green drake hatch ends!

Just a sample of yesterday’s catch.

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