Today I had the opportunity to guide Paul Murray from Jupiter, Florida on the Lower Provo. We started fishing around 8:30 in the morning, but things didn’t get hot until around 11:00. We caught fish on sow bugs and caddis larva for the next two hours when we finished around 1:00. The Lower Provo is running slightly off color, so I prefer to fish a bright attractor nymph as a lead fly, and a trailer nymph that is less flashy and more realistic. The lead fly catches the attention of the fish, and once their eyes are turned on the tandem rig the fish then choose the fly that is most appealing. This was an affective method today, and Paul landed some very nice trout.

The fall weather is having an affect on the fishing by making the river system less stable. Some days the bite turns on early, and others late. Time on the river should be spent searching different water types with a variety of small nymphs. There are still decent PMD hatches occurring, and caddis still abound so dry fly opportunities can still be found. Fall can offer some of the years best fishing. Don’t wait until next year to book your next fly fishing Utah adventure.

Flies that worked today:

Green Rock Worm (size 18)

Sow bug (size 18)

Today’s flows were: ~ 500 cfs

Today we spent the entire day on the Lower Provo. We began by fishing the upper reaches just a few miles below Deer Creek Reservoir. From 8:30 a.m. until 9:30 was slow, but as the river warmed up, along with the day, so did the fishing. Sow bugs worked well in slow water, and PMD nymphs and green caddis larva caught fish in faster water. At 1:00 we headed down stream below the Olmstead Diversion to fish the pocket water near Bridal Veil Falls. This stretch of river is swift with a much steeper gradient than upstream. There is some great pocket water in this stretch, but it is slightly difficult to fish like all good pocket water. Flies must sink quickly and the water seams and pockets must be located in order to find fish. We European nymphed through this stretch until around 5:00. Fish were bitting all afternoon. We were able to experience two different stretched of the Lower Provo which are very different types of water. It proved to be another successful day on the Lower Provo. We would love to accompany you on your next fly fishing trip in Utah. Our professional guides would love to show you around!

Flies that caught fish today:

Upper Lower Provo near Deer Creek

Rainbow Sow Bug (size 18)
Iron Lotus PMD (sizes 16 and 18)
Green Rock Worm (size 18)

Below the Olmstead Dam

Two-toned Surveyor
Iron Lotus PMD

Today’s Flows were: 590 cfs

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