This morning we fished the Middle Provo near River Road with marginal success. The wind was howling and the rain was falling, but we still managed to catch a few fish with nymphs. In super windy conditions I suggest fishing an overweighted nymph rig (a little extra split shot), and an extra buoyant strike indicator, like a thing-a-ma-bober. The heavy split shot will help keep your flies down even if the wind is constantly pulling your fly line out of place, and the indicator will suspend your flies and take much of the beating delivered by the wind. To increase drift efficiency in the wind, lower your rod tip and allow more fly line to sit on the water’s surface. By taking the line out of the wind’s path there is a greater probability of your rig staying in the seams you are targeting. This requires more mending, but it will help you achieve drag free drifts despite the wind.

After a challenging morning we decided to fish the Lower Provo, with hopes of escaping some of the passing storm. It payed off and the weather cooperated for us. We fished hard all afternoon, hooking an occasional fish, and enjoying the warmer temps. Fish were hitting small mayfly nymphs fished deep. Around four there was a strong hatch of small PMDs (size 18 and 20), but we only saw a couple of fish rise to take them.

Overall, the fishing was fair today on both the Middle and the Lower Provo. The passing storm had a strong effect on the fish, and our ability to catch them. Good job to our clients today for catching fish and enjoying the day for what it was. At Utah Pro Fly Fishing we always strive to provide the best fly fishing experience regardless of the conditions presented. And like always, we guarantee you will catch fish, or your trip is on us!

Flies that worked today:

Rainbow Sow Bug (size 18)
Iron Lotus PMD
Dragon Warrior

Flow’s today were: 555 cfs

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