Fly fishing the Lower Provo is currently going well. This morning we fished just below the campgrounds near Deer Creek. We arrived at 9 am and fished until around 11:30 pm. Fishing didn’t pick up until around 11:30 when we had a very good spirt of catching fish. All of the fish caught today were from 11:30 until 12:30. We fished a standard nymph rig with heavy split shot and tiny flies. In fact the fly of the day was a small sow bug fished very deep. The weather held out good for us and it was a fun productive day on the river.

Flies that worked today:

Rainbow Sow Bug (size 18)

Today’s flows were: 565 cfs

The lower Provo is currently fishing great. Our Utah fly fishing guides helped our clients catch fish from 7:00 am until 5:00. Every hour was productive, with a few occasional slow moments spread throughout the day. The average size fish was excellent, and the number of fish caught was high. They fished a standard indicator nymph rig that places their flies deep in the zone of the fish. The lower Provo gets a lot of pressure everyday, so these fish are smart. It is imperative to get perfect drag-free drifts in order catch the larger fish. If you fish the right depth with good drifts and the right flies, there are so many fish in the Lower Provo that you are bound to catch fish. For fly tying instructions on some of the Provo River’s more productive patterns visit

Flies that caught fish today:

Splitcase PMD Emerger
Zebra Midge
Green Rock Worm
Sow Bug

Flows today were: 420 cfs

Trout fishing in Utah has been great lately, as it was today. We started fishing at about 2:3o this afternoon, and fishing was good clear until 8:00 when we wrapped up our day. Nymph fishing was productive since there were no hatches this afternoon. The day was sunny and bright when we started, but quickly progressed into a thunderstorm. As is often, the fishing actually got better as the weather got worse. There were few people on the river so we had free range of our preferred holes, and we landed some nice browns.

Flies that worked today:

San Juan Worm
Splitback PMD Emerger
Green Rock Worm

Flows today were: 515 cfs

The middle Provo produced much better results today. Things appear to be picking up each day. Utah fly fishing guides found success on a variety of caddis imitations, and small mayfly emergers. Most of the fish were found holding in the heads and tails of deep runs, and some were holding in mid-depth riffles. Hatches were once again very sparse, which isn’t rare for this time of year. Nymph fishing in Utah has been great lately, and will continue to be. The middle Provo is still flowing at a wadable depth.

Flies that worked today:

Green Rock Worm (pictured on the right)
Green Caddis Larva
Cased Caddis
Splitback PMD emerger
San Jan Worm

Today’s flows were: 340 cfs

Fly fishing in Utah is starting to pick up, good luck on your next trip!

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