Today I fished the Middle Provo from noon until around four. From the time I arrived until around 1:30 there was an excellent BWO hatch taking place, and fish were rising steadily. I pumped a fish and to my surprise I found a stomach full of midge pupa, midge emergers, and midge adults. Hardly any BWOs. I also found one other surprise, an egg. The browns are super aggressive and redds are starting to appear. If you are unfamiliar with redds, it is the area where trout deposit their eggs to incubate and eventually hatch into fry. They use their bodies to “cut” a redd or in other words, dig a large shallow hole. A light spot on the river bed (pictured above) is a good indication of a redd since the trout dig and knock away all the algae in the spawning site. Redds are often cut near the bank in shallow water, so WATCH YOUR STEP! Trampling redds will surely kill the future inhabitants of the river. With that said this is one of the best times of year to fish. The large fish that are seldom caught will be out on their redds so it is a wonderful time to see all the huge fish in the river.

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Flies that worked today:

Small BWO dries (sizes 20 and 22)
Dragon Warrior (Sizes 20 and 22)
Egg Patterns

Today’s flows were: 140 cfs

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