(Jeremy with a nice 18 inch brown – 1st time ever!)

The Blue wings are starting to really come off around 2pm, so grab your fly fishing stick and get out there!  The most productive way to catch fish was to use a nymph rig and bounce your fly along the bottom.  Good luck and hope to see you on the water!

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Flies that worked today:

*Bead Baetis Nymph (sizes 20 and 22)

*Split Case PMD Size 18

Today’s flows On the Middle Provo were: 585 cfs

Today we fished the Middle Provo from 6:30 this morning until 11:30. We caught a few fish early by nymphing, and right around eight o’clock the sun came direclty into contact with the water’s surface and things picked up from there. From eight to nine we caught a good number of fish nymphing cased caddis patterns. Around nine there was a good number of fish rising to egg laying caddis adults. We switched to dries and proceeded to catch fish on top until eleven when everything seemed to shut down. We fished our dry fly caddis imitations dead drift, skittering, and on the swing, all of which caught fish. Trout were actively persuing caddis adults and many of our takes were explosive and extra aggressive. It was a very fun and productive morning.

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Flies that caught fish today:


Cased Caddis
Green Rock Worm


Foam Caddis
Elk Hair Caddis

Today’s flows were: 343 cfs

The Weber River below Echo Reservoir is currently running high and a little off color. Nothing unusual for this time of year, but because of these conditions trout are holding in slow to medium currents near the shore where they can escape the swift moving water. Today we fished from 9 a.m. until 7 p.m.. In the morning we had a lot of luck nymph fishing with cased caddis patterns, Rainbow Warriors, and Sow Bugs. In the afternoon Rainbow Warriors and Sow Bugs dominated until around 6 when we switched to dry flies.
PMDs were hatching in the evening and trout were readily taking well drifted PMD dries. Today was a warn, rainy summer day filled with rafters and tubers. There were a lot of people enjoying the river today, but we only saw a few other fishermen. We caught a lot of fish on top and bottom and I would recommend fishing this stretch of river to anyone that is comfortable fishing high water. Utah fly fishing is great this time of year and that includes the Weber River.

Flies that worked today:


Cased Caddis
Rainbow Warrior
Sow Bug


Parachute PMD (size 16)

Today’s flows were: 470 cfs

The upper Middle Provo near River Road continues to fish well as the summer rolls along. Trout are aggressively feeding on subsurface food items throughout most of the day, and nymphing continues to be the most productive way to take fish. Surface feeding occurs sporadically during daylight hours and a variety of mayfly and caddis dry flies should be carried along so you are ready to match any hatch that may occur while you are on the river. Caddis dry flies (Sizes 16-18) have been working in the morning and evening, and PMDs (Size 16) continue to hatch in the late morning and afternoon. Trout on the Middle Provo can be very picky so be prepared to change flies quickly until you find what the fish are focusing on.

Flies that worked today:

Splitcase PMD Emerger
Iron Lotus PMD
Green Rock Worm

Today’s flows were: 345 cfs

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