(Jenn & I smiling at a beautiful Green Drake!)

The Green Drakes are starting to really come off around 11am, so grab your fly fishing stick and get out there! The most productive way to catch fish was to use a Dry Fly Rig and trailing an emerger about 24 inches below your Dry.  Another great time to catch fish is from 6-8pm.  Good luck and hope to see you on the water!

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Flies that worked today:

*CDC FLAVILINEA DUN:       Size 10


Today’s flows On the Middle Provo were: 462 cfs

(Jeremy with a nice 18 inch brown – 1st time ever!)

The Blue wings are starting to really come off around 2pm, so grab your fly fishing stick and get out there!  The most productive way to catch fish was to use a nymph rig and bounce your fly along the bottom.  Good luck and hope to see you on the water!

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Flies that worked today:

*Bead Baetis Nymph (sizes 20 and 22)

*Split Case PMD Size 18

Today’s flows On the Middle Provo were: 585 cfs

Today I fished the Middle Provo from noon until around four. From the time I arrived until around 1:30 there was an excellent BWO hatch taking place, and fish were rising steadily. I pumped a fish and to my surprise I found a stomach full of midge pupa, midge emergers, and midge adults. Hardly any BWOs. I also found one other surprise, an egg. The browns are super aggressive and redds are starting to appear. If you are unfamiliar with redds, it is the area where trout deposit their eggs to incubate and eventually hatch into fry. They use their bodies to “cut” a redd or in other words, dig a large shallow hole. A light spot on the river bed (pictured above) is a good indication of a redd since the trout dig and knock away all the algae in the spawning site. Redds are often cut near the bank in shallow water, so WATCH YOUR STEP! Trampling redds will surely kill the future inhabitants of the river. With that said this is one of the best times of year to fish. The large fish that are seldom caught will be out on their redds so it is a wonderful time to see all the huge fish in the river.

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Flies that worked today:

Small BWO dries (sizes 20 and 22)
Dragon Warrior (Sizes 20 and 22)
Egg Patterns

Today’s flows were: 140 cfs

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Today we fished the Middle Provo from 11:30 to 3:30. Fish were aggressively taking dries when we first arrived, but soon after around 12:30 the risers diminished. Nymph fishing worked well all afternoon. Small BWO nymphs worked well, and once again some very nice sized fished were caught. This is a great time of year to fish, and a guided Utah Fly Fishing Trip is a great fall adventure!

Flies that worked today:

Dry Flies:

Foam Caddis (sizes 14 and 16)


Dragon Warrior (sizes 20 and 22)
Iron Lotus BWO (sizes 20 and 22)

Today’s flows were: 180 cfs

Right now is a great time to fly fish the Middle Provo. The spawn is coming on and the browns are becoming very aggressive and their coloration is amazing! Some of the biggest fish of the year are currently being caught on the Middle. There are daily BWO hatches, and the large October Caddis are buzzing in the air daily. There are great opportunities for dry fly fishing, and nymphing is still produces great numbers of fish.

Today we started by fishing near River Road in the Heber Valley. It was a typical October Saturday with the river crawling with fishermen, but like always the fish handled the pressure very well. We nymphed from 8:30 this morning until around 12:30. The fly of the morning was the San Juan worm, both red and brown. We caught an occasional fish on a two-toned zebra (red and black), but the worm out produced everything else we tried by far.

This afternoon we moved up river toward the dam where we found aggressive fish that were keying in on small BWO nymphs. Some very nice fish were caught and it proved to be a great day on the river.

Flies that worked today:

San Juan Worm
Zebra Midge
Iron Lotus BWO (sizes 20-22)
Dragon Warrior (sizes 20-22)

Today’s flows were: 180 cfs

Utah fly fishing guides fished the Middle Provo at three different locations today with their clients. We started early heading south of Legacy Bridge in Midway. Nymphing was slow in the morning, but fish were looking up at caddis dries. The most effective method of the morning was a dry-dropped set up with a tungsten beaded nymph below a size 14 foam caddis.

In the afternoon we drove across the road and fished north of Legacy Bridge. Nymphing was a little more productive, but caddis adults were skittering across the water’s surface all day long. Once again a dry-dropper rig produced good results.

Around 4:30 in the afternoon we decided to fish closer to the dam. We headed to the Bunny Farm and squeezed ourselves onto a good empty piece of river where the caddis hatch erupted around 6:30. Fish were rising to adults all over this hole! We proceeded to catch fish on dry flies until we could no longer see. Fish were munching both size 14 and 16 caddis imitations. It proved to be a productive day with a wonderful finish.

Flies that worked today:

Dry Flies:

Foam Caddis
Elk Hair Caddis


Dragon Warrior
Copper John

Today’s Flows were: 189 cfs

When I picked up Mark, one of my clients for the day, from Park City the sky was dark grey and alive with bright flashes of gold and loud crashes of thunder. Hail and rain were falling and we both wondered what we were thinking. As we rounded the cut near Jordanelle Reservoir we noticed that the Heber Valley was awaiting us with clear skies. We began fishing around 9:00 and the catching began around 9:10. The day started off quickly with fish prefering a size 12 Hare’s Ear. I was a bit surprised since most of our fish on this stretch of river are rarely caught on flies larger than sixteens. The day continued to produce fish, but the bite turned to smaller flies which the Rainbow Warrior dominated. Fish were steadily caught until we left the river at 1:30. As we were leaving the wind picked up and the storm clouds began to roll in. This has been a common pattern this August, like every August in Utah, so the prefered time to fish is in the morning before afternoon storms roll in.

Flies that worked today:

Hare’s Ear
Rainbow Warrior
Red Zebra Midge

Today’s flows were: 347

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Once again fish on the Middle Provo were caught not on a solitary fly pattern, but rather an assortment of small nymphs. Caddis, Midge, Mayfly, and Sowbug patterns all caught their fair share of nice brown trout. We fished from 10:00 a.m. until aroung 1:30 this afternoon. We were fishing just below Highway 40 in the Heber Valley. We saw only a handful of fish rise, so we persued fish feeding near the bottom. The major hatch of the day was the fisherman hatch. There were people fishing everywhere, and the best part was that most were still catching fish! The Middle Provo can handle all the fishing presure presented. There are thousands of hungry fish in every mile. Our clients’ experience fly fishing in Utah proved to be outstanding, and once again the Middle Provo did not let us down!

Flies that caught fish today:

Cased Caddis
Red Zebra Midge
Iron Lotus PMD (pictured above)
Rainbow Sow Bug

Click on links above for fly tying instructions from flytying123.com

Today’s flows were: 332 cfs

Written on August 27th, 2010 , Middle Provo

The Middle Provo River here in Utah is a very reliable river that constantly produces fish caught by artificial flies. Like all rivers, some days are more productive than others. On these days the fish appear to be less picky and easier to catch. Other times fishing requires precision and patience, but fish can still be enticed by well fished flies. Today the fish required some patience and well drifted flies. Fish were caught, but our clients were required to pay their dues by casting continuously hoping to pass by a willing fish. With instruction from our guides, our clients hooked a good number of fish, and the river once again yielded its dividends to beginning fishermen. We fished from 11:00 until 3:00 and all four hour fished identically with fish being caught here and there. PMD nymphs and caddis larva imitations were the hot ticket once again. We saw very few fish rise, so we stuck with nymphs for the duration of the outing. Utah Pro Fly Fishing guides had a fun group of fishers, and everyone enjoyed their time on the river.

Flies that worked today:

Splitcase PMD Emerger
Cased Caddis

Today’s flows were: 345 cfs

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The Middle Provo is still fishing fantastically! Today Utah fly fishing guides took their client to the river from 7:30 until 11:30, and all but one of the fish caught were caught on cased caddis patterns. A storm was moving in on us, but the morning remained pleasant while we were there. We only saw a few fish rise all morning, but the subsurface action was great. We nymphed deep in runs and pools, and there were plenty of willing fish that made the morning enjoyable. We decided to leave at just the right time. Around 11:30 the wind really picked up and rain started to fall. The storm continued until around 4:00 in the afternoon, so it was a good choice not to try and wait out this storm. Be prepared for rainy weather throughout the month of August.

Flies that caught fish today:

Cased Caddis
Green Rock Worm

Today’s flows were: 330 cfs

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