The Middle Provo is still fishing well, and today the fly pattern of choice proved to be the cased caddis (pictured above). From around 10:00 until 2:30 the fishing was good. There were no hatches during this time of day, but a few fish were seen rising to adult caddis skittering the water’s surface. Nymph fishing with split shot and an indicator proved to be the best tactic for taking trout. Justin from Utah Pro Fly Fishing shows how to set up an indicator rig. Indicator nymph fishing is a great way to take trout on the Provo River year round.

Flies that worked today:

Cased Caddis
Splitback PMD Emerger

Today’s flows were: 335 cfs

Today Utah Pro Fly Fishing Guides were on the river with their clients from 10:00 am until 7:00 pm. The morning fished fair with a handful of average sized fish brought to net. In the afternoon the fishing picked up and some very nice fish were landed. Today the PMD hatch was not as thick as it has been in recent days, but the fish were still feeding heavily below the surface on PMD nymph imitations. Take mind that summer afternoons are full of rafters, tubers, and kayakers, some of which are highly out of control so watch upstream to stay safe. Luckily the fish see enough traffic that it doesn’t affect the fishing. Caddis hatches in the evening are also thickening up so take along your dry fly box for top water action in the evenings.

Flies that worked today:

Splitcase PMD emerger
Green Rock Worm
Zebra Midge

Flows today were: 640 cfs

The green drake hatch is on at many of Utah’s small streams. Today we fished Current Creek which is located about 45 minutes from Heber City near Strawberry Reservoir. From 9:30 until noon the fishing was slow with only a few willing to take a drake nymph. By noon the drake hatch was on, but as it began, so did the wind. Huge gusts ripped down the canyon which made for difficult casting. We managed to get a few takes on top, but the wind truly made things difficult. We then decided to leave Current Creek and fish the lower Provo to salvage the day and escape the wind. This proved to be a wise decision. From 3:30 Until 7:00 the fish were willing to eat tiny flies like we had hoped. Once again the Green Rock Worm dominated the catch. Our client Greg hooked into a fish of a lifetime (20+ inch rainbow) that fought hard and long just to spit the hook moments before it was to be netted. Fly fishing in Utah is great right now, and it will continue to be for months to come!

Flies that caught fish today:

Current Creek:
Green Drake Quigley Cripple
Green Drake Nymph

Lower Provo:
Splitcase PMD Emerger
Zebra Midge
Green Rock Worm

Lower Provo Flows: 600 cfs

Since the increase in flows over the last few weeks on the middle Provo, the San Juan Worm has been catching fish consistently. When flows increase there is more disturbance in the river system and more sediment enters the water. Consequently, more worms are knocked free and drift down stream to hungry trout. Flows have increases 200 cfs in the past three weeks, and as flows increase you now know the secret weapon for catching trout- worm patterns. Today Provo river fly fishing guides also helped their clients catch fish on caddis larva patterns and small mayfly nymphs. We are hitting a stretch of good nymph fishing that should continue until runoff ends in a month or so and flows stabilize; then we can expect excellent fishing on all stretches of the Provo River for months to come.

Flies that worked today:

San Juan Worm
Condom Worm
Splitback PMD emerger
Green Caddis larva

Today’s flows were: 330 cfs

If you are preparing to fly fish Utah rivers, learn productive fly patterns for this area at Good luck!

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