This past Saturday, July 3, Utah Pro Fly Fishing, guided a fun group of five. From about 6:30 in the morning until around ten fish seemed to be focusing on cased caddis imitations and red zebra midges. There were no hatches taking place early in the morning, but by around nine there were some size 14 sally stoneflies crawling on us, and some adult craneflies buzzing around. Flows were great, and the river was running clear as usual. Since it was the fourth of July weekend the river started to get pretty crowded from about 8:30 on. It was fishing well for our clients, and I’m betting there were a lot of nice fish caught that day by others as well. If you plan on fishing the middle Provo early in the morning, be sure to tie up, or buy some cased caddis and of course a variety of Zebra Midges.

Flies that caught fish were:

Peacock Cased Caddis: size 16
Red Zebra Midge: sizes 16-18

Flows that day were: 480 cfs

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